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CoupleSet Rings: Which finger do they belong on?

You've been gifted the diamond ring as a present but you don't know what finger to put it on? You might be wondering what this mysterious engagement ring on a finger of a close friend is referring to.

We explain what each finger's meaning is when wearing a ring. This is based on the tradition however, it is important to keep in mind that you are able to wear any ring that you'd like. Even on traditional fingers, a ring does not always need to have some significance.

Solitaire rings

Ring finger meaning

The ring finger is without doubt the most significant finger in the world of rings. When romantic gestures and traditional customs are in play, this finger is adorned with jewellery. It's not called the ring finger to be derogatory. One theory is that the custom of wearing jewelry on finger rings originates from the Romans who believed in a vein running from the ring to the heart. Even though this has now been proven to be anatomically incorrect, the practice is deeply rooted in our society.

What is the significance of wearing rings on the fingers of a ring mean?

The left finger of the ring is used for engagement rings. If you see someone wearing a sparkling diamond on this finger, please congratulate them. They're likely to be getting married soon.

If you spot rings on your right ring finger, it's likely a wedding band. Wedding rings can be easily identified by their simple designs. Because they are worn daily by a lot of people they are generally simple made up of a fine metal ring that is white gold or gold.

After the wedding ceremony, an engagement ring can be still on the left hand or together with the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

Even couples who do want to be married frequently choose to wear symbolic jewelry. Rings for partners are becoming more sought-after and are often used as an alternative to wedding or engagement rings on the ring fingers. This is how the beautiful custom is kept without making the relationship completely "official" by presenting a marriage certificate.

Meaning of a ring on the middle finger

If you believe the numerous articles on this topic many people are wondering what a ring on the middle finger signifies. The short answer is no. Contrary to the ring finger, there is no particular meaning attached to the middle finger. So, anyone who puts rings on the middle finger - regardless of which hand it is on - does it more to serve a practical purpose.

The ring could appear better or fit better on the middle finger. The middle finger is a great place to wear other jewelry even if the ring is already occupied by an engagement or wedding band.

Rings on the thumb or the little finger

Like the middle finger wearing rings on the little and thumb is not a symbol of any significance. The ring fingers have traditionally been the only one to display significant jewelry.

But, since there are no set guidelines for wearing modern-day phenomena like partner rings, it can occur that a ring for a partner can mean something to couples - is put on the thumb or little finger.

Although a lot of rings and the fingers on which they are worn have no traditional meaning, the jewelry can still be meaningful to the wearer. Jewelry is often given as a gift for special occasions, or to honor a person. It could be an ancestral heirloom passed down from grandparents or a token of affection or a present to commemorate a significant life event or a family crest, and much more.

If you see an earring on someone and aren't sure what it is you can ask. Maybe there's a meaning behind the piece of jewelry! In any case, you'll learn something about the person you are talking to and will be a great icebreaker for an engaging conversation.


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