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10 Of The Greatest Black Horror Characters

In horror there have been some iconic characters, but were are going to highlight our favorite ones that have soul. (Que scream take...)

1. Ben /Duane Jones /Night of the Living Dead

2. Blacula/ William Marshall / Blacula.

3. The Candyman/ Tony Todd/ Candyman

4. Chris Washington /Daniel Kaluuya /Get Out

5. Beloved /Thandie Newton/Beloved

6. Dick Hollorann / Scatman Crothers / The Shining

7. Poindexter “Fool” Williams / Brandon Adams /The People Under The Stairs.

8. Maximillian /Eddie Murphy /Vampire in Brooklyn.

9. Mr Simms-The Narrator /Clarence Williams III /Tales from the Hood

10. Frank Armitage./Keith David./They Live.

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