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5 Black Thanksgiving Movies To Kick Off The Holiday Season

If you’re like me, the holiday season officially starts on October 31st with the passing of Samhain before the deep dive right into the feel good glow that is the winter holidays. Unlike the rest of you heathens,

In my opinion Thanksgiving is superior because it’s like Christmas without all the added pressure; It’s a time to come together and eat, drink, and focus on strengthening familial bonds. The only stress you should feel about Turkey Day is which houses to hit and will there be enough wine to put up with your nagging aunties. Plus, with Christmas sales and movies starting earlier and earlier every year by the time the actual day arrives I am 1000% over it before noon. So, without further ado here are my 5 black Thanksgiving movies to keep you on that holiday high without being burned out by Christmas.

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Okay so, not actually a black movie per se but if your parents are anything like mine, then you know Thanksgiving (Halloween and Christmas) is NOT allowed to go by without the appropriate Charlie Brown themed movie to go with it. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the first time I ever got to see its only Black character Franklin have a speaking role and features the first ever Friendsgiving. And because nothing beats representation and hanging out with my friends, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving makes the cut.

2. Holiday Heart: Christian drag queen Heart, played by Ving Rhames, decides to open his home to a drug addict and her 12 year old daughter after losing the love of his life. Heart has no idea how to be a father but he lets love lead the way in a display of non-toxic masculinity and undying compassion. This former BET staple gets me everytime!

3. Tower Heist: This is the newest addition to my Thanksgiving movie list but it is definitely a goodie. After losing their pension in a ponzi scheme run by some rich douchebag, several employees of the The Tower (a luxury condo) decide to get payback by Robin Hood style! The story is a little predictable but the diverse cast makes the movie a fun romp for the audience with solid performances from Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda, Gabourey Sidibe, and Matthew Broderick.

4.The Wiz: TBS plays The Wizard of Oz every year on Thanksgiving day and every year right after it goes off, I put The Wiz on. They’re literally the same movie but Thanksgiving would not be complete if I didn’t belt out “Sliiiiddeee some oil to me…” while shuffling around the living room at least once.

5. Soul Food: After the matriarch of the family Big Mama dies after surgery, a close-knit family falls apart and struggles to come back together. In their grief,  various relationships become strained to the point of breaking but it is 11 year old Ahmad who to reminds the adults what family is supposed to be and helps everyone come back together over soulful Sunday dinner. Just forget the part where Big Mama got diabetes from eating soul food every week and this is the perfect feel good movie to cap your every Thanksgiving.

Thanks so much for checking out my list and make sure you come back to our website for articles from your favorite MerJawn! Also, make sure you follow Head Nerds In Charge on all platforms


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