Anime of the Month: Yasuke

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I know you’re probably thinking "Wow! Sassy actually put out an article this month!" I’m a slacker but I had to come out of hiding for this one because my anime pick of the month is none other than the Netflix Original Yasuke.

You see that world, Netflix knows how to make a proper title because they didn’t dare name it "Yasuke the Black Samurai". But I digress.

So getting into why I chose this anime in particular besides the obvious fact that he’s Black. This all takes place in on of my favorite eras of Japan which is the feudal era however there seems to be advanced technology in existence too. There’s also magic present but they didn’t take away from our hero Yasuke’s natural born strength by giving him powers which I appreciated because lord knows we don’t need another spiritual negro. It starts off with Yasuke in his current life at the moment working as a boatsman no longer acknowledged as a samurai living in a small village.

The current state of Japan is they are under the reign of a power being by the name of The Daimyō. As he goes through this journey it gives off strong Samurai Champloo vibes, one of my favorite anime’s due to its great soundtrack and lovable characters/storyline. Yasuke follows up with that same great energy in all areas especially when it comes to the music. So many great tracks to really help you feel the mood of the scene that’s happening. What can I say, rhythm just makes great things even greater. Overall I’d give it a five out five.

My only complaints are I wish it were longer however a good show always knows when to stop because that could very well ruin it as we all know....not saying any names BLEACH! Second off as I mentioned there’s tech and magic in this but I was under the impression it would be about the original story of the Black Samurai.

I assume they wanted to make it more anime like by adding those things but I would have liked to hear the regular story. Either way go on over to Netflix and give Yasuke a watch then maybe head to my page Oni Sassy on Facebook or Oni_Sassy on Instagram to let me know what you thought, maybe you thought something different.

This is Oni Sassy signing off with Anime of the Month, be sure to tune in next month for another one of my favorite picks!

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