Anime Pick of the Month: July 2021

Guess who’s back with a brand new track! Well…maybe not new exactly but it is new to Blu-ray so there’s that. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Why none other than Demon Slayer: Mugen Train of course.


It’s a part of the Demon Slayer series and takes place on a train as the gang start their search for yet again another powerful demon who’s killed many people but little do they know, that won’t be as simple as it sounds. Before they know it a spell is casted upon them and they’re put into a deep sleep that seems impossible to escape or is it? The movie is definitely straight to the point with plenty to keep you interested and entertained even if you aren’t a current fan of the series.


When I first saw the movie myself I only knew who the characters were but had no background knowledge on anything else happening and it was still super easy to follow the plot. Before I knew it the lovable characters were tugging at my poor heartstrings with perfectly planned sorrow. Not to mention the animation quality made me feel as if I had left my seat and entered feudal Japan. Always vibrantly colored with attention to detail. It was so good that it even pushed me to watch the actual series and now look at me, so hopelessly in love with the series I’m even cosplaying as Tanjiro. If that’s not life changing then I don’t know what is.


So go out and buy/watch Demon Slayer: Mugen Train today and this was anime of the month with Oni Sassy.

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