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Anime Pick of the Month with Oni Sassy

If you’re anything like your favorite local weeb (me of course) then you’ll love Aggretsuko my pick for anime of the month. The season I’ll be speaking on during this article is season 3 which focuses in more than ever on relatable life struggles using our main character Retsuko and a new cast of lovable characters.

This season in particular was released rather quietly in my opinion and didn’t get the full attention it deserved. It’s full of moments that make you stop and question things that maybe very well be happening in your our life at this very moment. Especially if your someone starting life on your own in the world.

Episode one starts off having us think our lonely Retsuko has finally found true love but come to find out it’s a VR boyfriend sucking her dry of funds for downloadable content. Sounds like something we weebs all fall victim to at least once in our lives. Throughout the series Retsuko is faced with new challenges such as collecting new debt (yay our favorite) being an assistant to an up and coming idol group and more. I also very much enjoyed one of the shows new characters Manaka.

Funny enough her name sounds like Monica and Monica definitely fits this spunky chinchilla’s personality. She’s the lead vocalist for the amateur idol group OTMGirls and the diva of the group for sure but there’s more to her than you think.

Throughout this whole season I couldn’t help but watch one episode after the next and before I knew it I had finished it all in one sitting like a good home cooked meal. So if you want something you can really get into for half the day this is it. Go check out Aggretsuko season 3 by suggestion of your favorite weeb Oni Sassy.

-Oni Sassy

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