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Are Oh's and Ah's Necessary

Are Oh’s and Ah’s Necessary During Sex

We are going to embark on a “very hot topic” that no one really talks about; well in public anyway. Here’s a hint: “Oh daddy this is your pussy! Look at that fat ass! Who’s is it? You’re the best I ever had. Oh God, Oh God Oh God…I’m about to cum. Finally, Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Ok, you guessed it; we are talking about sexy pillow talk. However, are the Oh’s and Ah’s really necessary or are you trying to help your partner reach that climatic point of no return just so you can go to sleep? Do you ever think about some of the things that you said after intercourse and think, I hope I didn’t sound corny and too Porn-Hubbish?

Pillow talk when done right can really send some of the most positive spine-tingling vibrations to moist lips and trembling thighs followed by the engorging erection below inviting both parties to partake in the buffet of pure imagination. Everything else that happens next isn’t really rocket science but all of the orgasmic verbal sounds, are they real?

So, here’s the probable facts of this; more then likely you’ve never thought about it until now and your going to be conscious about it like a person who’s chewing with their mouth open in the failed attempt at showing appreciation to the chief or host for the dish. Whether If your thanking your sexual chief for serving up some delicious “mushy, gushy, good, good” or critiquing some of the “meh, ok”; here’s what you need to know….

1.) Let’s be honest- If the sex is bad and your mind is more focused on the unnecessary Trolley Horse that you are getting in your thigh while your partner is acting like they auditioning for the Porn Hub Olympics; don’t egg them on so they can JUST get off. Shit, your leg hurts and your about to smell like Ben Gay in few minutes. Just stop and say something but, be kind. I say that because during this moment, all vulnerable cards are on the table; mind and body. Explain what you need and listen to what they need then try again another time, maybe. Never root anyone on just to build up their ego in hopes that they can achieve “a happy ending” that’s not mutual.

2.) What’s my name? - This is that question you may hear when it’s really good for the both of you, so I’m going to make this one simple, SAY THE RIGHT NAME! Sounds funny but, it’s very possible to slip up and say the wrong name. Maybe you just got off the phone with someone, or maybe you and your partner were talking about someone, maybe you were just with some else, whatever. Hopefully your cleaver enough to think of another word that rhymes with Chuck, Brian, Lisa, or Janet.

3.) Oh God, I’m About to Cum! – Ok, so I really don’t think God needs to know that one and if you don’t believe in God, then who are you saying it to (refer back to #2)? Just blow out your partners eardrums, grab that ass, hold on tight, and scream I’M CUMMING YOU SLAYER OF DRY LANDS, WATERER OF DESERTS, AND VON-STROKE OF STROKEN!!! Yeah, all of that epic. LOL. Just kidding but, that’s hella impressive if you said all that.

4.) The Silent Type- So maybe your partner is vocally challenged so, instead of saying anything they just seem to look either at you or pass you, or their eyes are closed. That could mean that the sex is amazing. Nearing the moment of climax, they are speaking in tongues, pulse rate is rising, sweat is pouring, that thigh we spoke about earlier is tingling (for a good reason), and then out comes that weirdest moan, growl, snarl sound that sounds exciting and shocking at the same time. Maybe a little Denzel tear is shed; if that happens…damn looks like the Northern Lights actually begin your Southern Regions.

5.) You’re the Best I Ever Had! – Really? Come on! For Real? I don’t believe it. Reason being is, if you’re someone that is comfortable with yourself on a very personal level (masturbation for the people in the back), then technically, you’re the best you every had. You know how to touch you and let’s not forget about that crazy imagination of yours. Hell, give yourself a round of applause because that’s not an easy task to venture off and explore. It takes a while for some people to get comfortable with learning that side about themselves. Remember, “Knowledge is Power” so, get to learning!

So, back to the original question, is all the O’s and Ah’s necessary. Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. If you feel it in your spine to say it then go ahead and your answer is yes but, If you actually find yourself able to have a straight face or your smiling without showing your teeth (as your face gives that awe baby, look at you trying) look, chances are no and your about to get a charley horse and worst of all miss your favorite show that's about to come on called Head Nerds In Charge.


Foxy Roxy

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