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ASK ROXY: How to Introduce Cosplay in the Bedroom

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Contributor Curtis M. Brown II, HNIC Editor-at-large

Setting the mood in the bedroom can consist of candles, oils, roses, silk sheets, and some type of baby making music. But how about for a cosplayer? Not sure how to make your Mystique not a mistake? Maybe dressing up as Harley Quinn and the Joker and creating your own strange sex scenes; minus the acid bath, murders, and bombs of course might be a thing.

What independent character/comic/gamer-kinky foreplay scene do you want to create and importantly, is your partner even in to it?

Communication is the key to intimacy and should not involve any outside distractions so, this cannot be an over the phone or text conversation. This conversation should be face to face so you can really pay attention to each other. First things first, find out what freaky, kinky, nasty things that your partner is into and also don’t be afraid to share your kinks as well. What do you do if your partner is as plain as vanilla ice cream? No worries just add toppings to that sweet desert of yours and get to sampling.

Patience plays a key factor in comfortability, and being comfortable plays a major role into introducing something new into the bedroom. Cosplay can be a more nuanced version of typical bedroom role play. Role play gives you the opportunity to engage in a game of seduction, starring you and your partner enacting different characters. This can mean anything from acting out your most morbid BDSM fantasies as Gomez and Morticia Addams,

Going on a wild road trip to the country for a bit of PONY PLAY with a childhood twist (amazing what you can do with a rainbow wig and blue body paint),

or maybe bringing a third party into the picture and reenacting the superhero threesome we've all been waiting for. ( here is some help to assist in bringing out her full Phoenix Force, popping your claws, and extending the intensity of your optic blast)

One of the reasons people like playing a character in a sexual context is that it can help us overcome inhibitions. We can test out things we're too anxious or embarrassed to try ourselves, but that feel totally natural to a different character.

If things get a little too kinky for comfort when you’re acting out your French maid persona for example, it’s easy to slip out of your costume and back into your own skin. The role creates a divide. That was her; this is you.

As a cosplayer, you can create a look or a scene as fast as Sonic can grab those rings; so now it’s off to grabbing their attention by applying everything you both talked about. Here is an example of what I did it.

During one of our conversations, by partner told me that his fantasy was me dressing in a trench coat wearing next to nothing and showing up to his job. Keeping this in the back of my mind, I decided to surprise him about a month later.

I had on a school girl mini skirt, thigh high stilettos, black faux leather bra and panty set, and a long leather black coat. I was so nervous driving to his job on a Friday night in the city, that meant extra police. I prayed that I wouldn’t get pulled over so, I tried to time everything appropriately so I didn’t get there too early and risk being told that I had to move my car. I left my home later then I normally did in the past. My thought was “I’ll see him standing there, he’ll get in the car and we could just leave”.

My plan worked! Soon as he got in the car, he just started to talk about his night. I said to him, babe can you pull open my coat? Soon as he did, TA-DA, here was his fantasy. The PRO- He completely lost it! In a very good way and we had an amazing night. The CON- Only thing I would have changed that night was the leather trench coat because it was the summertime and nothing says suspect like a woman wearing a leather trench in the summer.

Moving forward, he’s more involved with my cosplay’s and our intimacy is amazing mentally, verbally, and physically.


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