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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Contributor Curtis M. Brown II, HNIC Editor-at-large


SuperKrazee Pro Wrestling’s (SKPW, moving forward) “House of Horrors” was an EXPERIENCE. When I walked in (mask on, temperature taken, as per SKPW requirements) I instantly knew I was in for a good time. There was a contagiously festive vibe in the air. Kids and adults alike were dressed up, for Halloween; some of the talent were walking around and taking photos with everyone, AND there was food. My kind of party.

I first noticed Darrin Jainlett (persona: O-Dogg) when I sat down and started my usual survey of the room. He wasn’t in a suit, yet he radiated BOSS. So, when I was told he was the owner of SKPW, I wasn’t surprised; I was impressed. He shook hands with everyone, he and some of the talent riled the kids up as they passed them; Mr. Jainlett even helped clean the ring, after a match. You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. I’m HYPE for this event, now.

Risa Pappas and David Adams were the ring announcers for the afternoon. Their individual and joint talent are a joy to behold, in that they knew how to work the crowd. I screamed and talked shit along with everyone as the hardcore match started: Dirbag Dan v. Rebecca Payne.

I was surprised at the matchup, but DD’s a strategic fighter and Payne’s brutality was bloody (literally) wonderful. Connor Claxton interrupted the match, there were skewers stabbed into foreheads, bodies suplexed into lego blocks..BONKERS…yet, The Dirtbag pulled out as the winner.

Next was the SKPW Tag Team Championship Title match: (reigning champs) The Lost Breed [Tamir James & Dave Reed] vs. the 5 Star Stud Joey Ace/the Colossal Mike Law. I enjoyed this one for the skill--Ace’s vertical suplex skills, Tamir’s agility and dexterity--and the audience’s engagement.

The challengers came from Vegas and started so much trash-talking, even I had to take parts. The champs retained the title with a dual finisher and a satisfied crowd.

The SKPW Live Championship title match was DRAMA-filled, y’all. Altas Rivera was the previous champ, yet had to vacate the title due to injury.

Then in legendary fashion Ron Starr took it upon himself to grab that title as “possession is 9/10s of the law”. Gee Vader who is endorsed by Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing Champion Hazel Roche, Josh Colon & Gee Vader answered that call with an “are you sure, though?” This match was between 2 brutes, duking it out.

Gee Vader snagged the title, yet the newly formed Currency Culture showed the champ that his days are numbered and he has a target on his back now. Ron Starr promised a “change to the culture” as everyone pummeled Gee Vader, interrupting his victory celebration.

Overall, my expectations of this event was exceeded. “House of Horrors” was my first live indie wrestling event, outside of Texas, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. With the Skid Row Academy open and training hungry new talent, I’m looking forward to attending and covering future events hosted by SKPW.

No way am I passing up another opportunity to eat stadium food, watch wrestling, and interact with other people who love this sport as much as I do.

-LJ The Great

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