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Every month we at Head Nerds In Charge will be featuring those in our community who inspire and make a difference in the lives of others with their platform, talent and creativity. Though we honor new individuals monthly, everyone featured should be supported and applauded continually as they strive to make as impact in our culture and abroad.

Nerds of the month will be featured on all our social media platforms, featured on our website and will be invited to join us as a co-host on our weekly live streamed podcast. the number 1 live streamed podcast in Philadelphia.

This month JUNE & JULY 2021 we are featuring:

Azu Cosplay @_azucosplay
Wendell WWP II

Well Hello! I'm Shanae, the Blk.unicorn of Blk.unicorn_cosplay. Why black unicorn? Well because unicorns are rare,...and a black one is even more rare. I am what you get when you mix Deadpool, Shawn Michaels, Wendy Williams & RuPaul together. What does that room smell like? Probably sadness,cocaine, and cocaine. Okay but seriously! What that means is I am usually the comedic relief amongst my peers, I'm gonna speak my mind even when my voice trembles, and there is not another like me.

I started cosplaying in 2015....I wasn't very serious about it, I went in a party city wig with a wonder woman outfit I got from spencer's just to try and blend in. But when I went I saw so many normal people, like me, engulfed in things they enjoyed or fully into their craft and I mean they were so talented I was inspired. I'll never forget a guy that made a fully functional R2D2, I was amazed and I wanted in.

What I love the most about cosplay is 2 things. First, me putting my mind to something and successfully executing it as a costume/cosplay is dope to me. Second, I love helping people. I get so many people telling me I inspired them or using my tips or tutorials for their cosplay because that's what it should be about.

At the moment in very much into Jojo's bizarre adventure....my friend told me I only like fighting animes and that JoJo is just people fighting in drag.....and she maybe onto something lol. With that being said I was also brought up on DBZ. I do like My hero academia, I'm a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I'm also a fan of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter and a die hard RuPaul fan.

What's it like being a POC Cosplayer,...whew. The funny thing about being a POC Cosplayer is you see other cosplayers being attacked by racist people...."N***er"...."that character isn't black"...etc. I don't get that alot, actually I can count on one hand how many times I have been called out of my name. Could be because I'm fair skinned I'm not sure, but I experience alot of rivalry in the POC community. "Don't share so and so for 28days of black cosplay or put them in this group because they have enough followers already".....things like that. And I feel like what you do isn't hurting or harming me. Even if we both do the same cosplay, you may do it better or different than me, okay?? That doesn't make me less than or unworthy. There's enough space for everyone but it really doesn't seem like that, sometimes we get more lost in the highschool or crabs in a barrel mentality.

But listen! Find me on all of my handles @blk.unicorn_cosplay from tiktok to Twitter to Instagram or come chill with me while I kick it with the HeadNerdsInCharge!

Alexa Marcelle @blackgirlfangirl

My links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackgirlfangirl/

Kofi: ko-fi.com/blackgirlfangirl


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