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Leave Baby Yoda Alone

*This article is going to contain spoilers for The Mandalorian.

Season 2 of highly anticipated Disney+ series The Mandalorian debuted on All Hallow's Eve and it set the internet on fire. Our titular hero Mando and The Child are back and zooming across the stars on their quest to find the latter its people.

While Baby Yoda is just as cute as he was in the previous season, some of that rosy cheeked glow is starting to wear off for a lot of fans. Fans all over Al Gore's internet were calling Baby Yoda bad! I could barely believe it! In episode 2, he makes quite the snack of this Frog Lady's unfertilized eggs but come y'all! That does not make a bad baby!

Okay, actually now that I've said it out loud, that does really sound terrible but stick with me. He. Is. A. Literal. Child. I get that his biological age is 50 but Baby Yoda still coos like my 6 month old nephew! And okay as a mother myself I'm not gonna sit here and act like kids (toddlers specifically) aren't huge A-holes but I'm going to need y'all to stop coming for my child.

Instead, can we talk about how Mando isn't a great guardian for The Child?! Always bringing him into seedy environs with shady people and shooting anyone who dares to look at him sideways! Let's not also forget that Mando and the mercenary droid KILLED the people who were actually trying to keep Baby Yoda safe from the empire in the first place. Y'all need to be glad all Baby Yoda did was eat a few eggs and not pull a knife on Ms. Froggy. Children need to be kept safe in a stable home, and taught right from wrong. And gifted children need to be properly stimulated to keep them from getting bored and destructive. 

If the child is bad then he is just a product of the adults around him.

-TEFFY "THE MerJawn"

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