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We are the HNIC, Head Nerds in Charge... your new favorite Nerd and Blerd talk Web show.


Highlighting everything in pop & geek culture from the black perspective.


Philadelphia's #1 blerd talk web show and podcast.

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Why a “HNIC” Con?

hnicon is a community and media event dedicated to amplifying the stories of Black and poc people working in the content creation & media industry.


hnicon focuses on highlighting the content these creatives are generating each day and celebrating the beauty of the Black and poc experience.


hnicon will be host to a myriad of workshops, panels, networking events, and other educational programming designed to equip and encourage anyone interested in breaking into or growing their media career. 

hnicon seeks to bring exposure to all the phenomenal stories about the Black and poc experience these creatives have told and continue to tell despite the obstacles they face on a daily basis. 

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