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The People Who Make Us Awesome

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Curtis "Kingcurtlive" Brown

Editorial Director

The HNIC of HNIC KingCurtLive brings his edgy brand of comedy to geek culture weekly on HNIC. Kingcurt has over 10 years experience performing stand up comedy for television, radio and live performances.


Teffanie "Merjawn" Wharton

Managing Director

Teffinae "TeffyWonder Wharton is HNIC's own urban mermaid. The not-so evil twin to King Curt, Teffy brings just as much energy with her vivacious attitude, sharp wit, and even sharper tongue. While she's never afraid to be at odds by sticking to her guns on camera, behind the scenes TeffyWonder is always there for her cohosts by being an all around team player to help the HNIC brand. She's not just a cohost but also a content creator, administrative assistant, producer, project manager, editor, and blogger for Head Nerds In Charge. Also a devoted mother to a special little boy, in what little spare time she has left, TeffyWonder is a cosplayer and novice pole dancer who won her first award for the sport in 2019 at the Pole Sport Organization Liberty competition. She won first place in the Level 1 Entertainment category. You can join her on her pole journey (and all her other hobbies) by following her Instagram and Facebook pages.


Sassy "Oni" Shelton

Community Coordinator

Oni Sassy is our resident Otaku, well versed in all things anime and weeb culture related. Sassy is our community organizer for cosplayers and all cosplay related events.

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Marc "McKnux" Carter

Streamer/ Co-Host

McKnux heads up our streaming and gaming dept.  Marc coordinates our sponsored gaming and table top tournaments.


Brett Hillesheim

Indie Comic Director

Brett is the founder and Editor in Chief of the Indie Comix Dispatch. He has been collecting comics for close to 30 years and is passionate about showcasing the fantastic stories in Indie Comics and growing the indie community. Brett is married, and when he’s not reading comics, he is raising his own Justice League in Atlanta, GA.


Quency Bonds

Show Personality

Gadgets & Geekery Presents: Geeky, Sexual & Intellectual is Hosted by the fantastically wild-mannered Q. The Instagram madhouse curator since 2014. Sharing and conversing about Geek Culture with random strangers that somehow became insta-family & friends. Q discuss all avenues of geek genres from comics to anime, and other topics such as sex, relationships, parenthood, social landscapes & political pitfalls. All along with guests from every type of industry and interest within geek & life cultures. Gadgets & Geekery is also blog dedicated to finding and sharing new and exciting geek technology, movies, anime, comics and all around geek culture with people who have similar interest.

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