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2023 PANEL/WORKSHOP Application


This is the form to submit a proposal to present a session (panel or workshop) at HNIcon 2023. Successful completion of this form does not guarantee that your idea will be selected.


Once the submission period closes all entries will be put before a selection committee. The committee will choose which submissions will be accepted.


Please complete all sections of the form to the best of your ability. The person submitting the form will be considered the lead panelist. hnicon cannot guarantee that your programming will not coincide with more popular events during any given time slot.


While we will make every attempt to avoid conflicting with your convention schedule, by submitting this form you consent to allow your program to occur any time during convention hours. Panel times will allow for 5 minutes of setup time and 5 minutes of break down time. Should you run over your given time, panel programming staff will have the right to terminate your panel.


This helps us ensure that we are fair to all programs taking place. Also be aware that hnicon may record/photograph your session for use on our site or social media. Please only submit one panel or workshop per form.

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