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I reimagined my favorite Movie Heros as Black People thru the power of AI art.

Thru the power of Midjourney and some novice photoshop skills I reimagined some of my favorite movie hero's as black people. This is their story...

Same story only the dog that was killed was a Pitbull...

His opponent said Kumite, Frank thought he called him Kunta Kinte...needless to say, a fight ensued.

They were in fact, not entertained. The mob thought he was going dance or rap...instead he liberated Rome!

Who better to survive in a post-apocalyptic world than this man, Him and Tina Turner would rule the land!

In reality, his name would probably Chicago Jones...but that's so stereotypical!

Ripley and Newt not even phased. Leave it to black women to save the universe!

The training sequences would have gone a bit differently with this bride...

Resurrected this black man just so he could clock back into work.

The most powerful handgun in the world for this Dirty Harry is a gold-plated desert eagle!

the mission impossible theme would slap harder in his movie.

He likes his cognac shaken, not stirred.

Crush your haters, see them driven before you, and hear the lamination of the city girls.

Black or Scottish...we all want our Freedom!

This version of Snake Plissken is definitely a Black Mamba.

War Vet, betrayed by the government he served, and covered in baby oil yea this version of Rambo can still relate.

This Terminator would have gotten pulled over by the police so often it would have taken up the whole movie.

Ironically Will Smith was supposed to play neo originally, but he choose to do Wild Wild West instead. Somes sins can never be forgiven, but the vision is still here.

Would you be interested in unmarked prints of any of these AI pictures? Sign Up and click the link for when we release them.

Which one is your favorite?

  • John Wick

  • Blood Sport

  • Gladiator

  • Mad Max

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